why people are switching to solar

In order to make it as relevant as possible it is best to start by asking a simple question, do you prefer to rent your home or own your home? Many would argue that owning a home is more cost effective as every month when you pay for your mortgage you are actually investing in yourself, rather than filling someone elses’ pockets with your hard earned money. Electricity has now evolved to this same paradigm and people are catching on fast! Instead of paying “rent” each month to the utility company, you can own your own electricity and invest in yourself every month. By switching to solar you are essentially giving yourself a paycheck each month for the next 20-25 years! 

Think solar is too expensive for you? Think again, the cost to install solar has dropped more than 70% over the last decade. That’s not all, solar panels have become much more efficient as well, 22.6% more efficient to be exact. That is like getting the latest iPhone at a 90 percent discount of the 2011 iPhone price!


With net metering introduced, people will not have to worry about expensive battery maintenance or running out of electricity. The utility company becomes your battery storage and you backup power in one. You simply use your own energy source first (solar) and the utility company second. If you generate more than you use, the utility company gives you a “credit” which you can use at a later date. Should your solar panels not generate enough energy, the utility will provide the power to you at the regular usage rate.

All of our low maintenance, premium solar panels carry a 25 year warranty. Giving you peace of mind knowing that your system will perform just like the local utility company.